Release Notes 2023.11.02

Pivvot Aware 

Pivvot is thrilled to introduce enhancements to Aware that will provide you with improved functionality and flexibility. The updated Aware will make it simpler than ever to access Pivvot's valuable data and reports for all your location projects.

  • Our updated user interface in Aware is designed to make your project management smoother. You'll find it easier to set up and edit projects, manage your project locations, and efficiently obtain the deliverables you need. For detailed information, please see Create an Aware Project and Manage Aware Projects in our Help Center.
  • Now, each project can accommodate a variety of geometry types, including points, lines, and polygons. Add as many locations of any type to your project. This opens the door to more comprehensive project analysis and gives you the flexibility you need. For more information on adding and managing locations, see Manage Locations in an Aware Project
  • Select which deliverable report is best for you, no need to sort through all the data to identify what you need. Choose to generate them one by one or all at once. It's all about working smart and making your life easier! For detailed instructions on generating reports and downloads, see our Help Center articles, Generate and View Aware Reports and Download Aware Project Data

  • Filter Pivvot layers in the layers flyout for easier access to the layer you need. With our latest update, you can now filter Pivvot layers effortlessly. Simply enter the layer name or part of it into the top search field in the layers flyout to instantly locate your desired layer.


For details on each new and improved Aware workflow, go to our Help Center for more information:

Create an Aware Project

Manage Aware Projects

Manage Locations in an Aware Project

Generate and View Aware Reports

Download Aware Project Data


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Client Success team at





Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pricing change for my current subscription?

No, there will be no pricing change for your existing subscription.


What happens to my current projects during this update?

Your existing Aware projects will remain accessible after the update, in an "un-generated" state. If you wish to preserve the project data precisely as it was at the time of project creation, we recommend downloading the reports and data before November 2.

Waiting to re-generate the project data after the release means that the data within these projects may be subject to changes due to updates. To maintain the current state of your projects, it's advisable to take this proactive step.


Do I need to re-share my existing projects after this update?

No, you will not need to re-share your current projects. The sharing status and settings for your projects will remain unaffected.


Will my current project configuration be preserved?

Yes, your current project configurations will be maintained.


What happens to User Data that is available in the Map?

As we transition away from Site View (web maps) to host the Aware tool, the map layers containing User Data will not be visible in "New" Aware. We are actively exploring options to reintegrate User Data into "New" Aware. While we don't have a specific timeframe for the availability of this feature, please rest assured that we are committed to displaying User Data in the “New” Aware. We'll keep you updated as we move forward.