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How to Modify the Extent of a Project Site

You can easily modify a site's boundary by adding or removing individual parcels.

How to modify the Extent of a Siting Project Site

The capability to adjust site boundaries is crucial for effective site management and responsiveness to changes in project dynamics and real-world conditions. This includes actions like adding or removing an adjacent property to your site. Such flexibility empowers users to promptly adapt and make necessary modifications.

Pivvot Siting utilizes Smart Parcels to quickly and easily identify larger prospecting opportunities. Smart Parcels consolidate tax map parcels with similar land owners, creating a seamless and consolidated site. It's important to note that some of your project site results may consist of Smart Parcels, while others may be a single tax map parcel. If you need to modify the parcels included in a specific site, you can easily do so by following the instructions below.

Edit Parcels Included in a Project Site

Each site listed in your Project Sites Tab could contain one or more tax map parcels. You can modify these sites by adding or removing individual tax map parcels as needed.

1. Navigate to the site.

2. Upon reaching the site, click the pencil icon within the Site Location column on the Project Sites tab to initiate site editing.

3. After the Edit Site is selected, you will notice "Edit session active" on the toolbar. You may now begin making changes.

4. Once the edit session is active, the individual tax map parcel(s) for your site will be highlighted in blue.

5. To add or remove a tax map parcel, click directly on the parcel you wish to include or exclude on the map. A successfully added parcel will be outlined in blue. A removed parcel will be outlined in the default color of a site.

7. To stop the edit session and save the changes, click save mceclip2.png


To add a project site to your project sites list, follow the instructions in How to Add Sites Manually