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How to Add or Remove a Parcel From a Site

  • Zoom to the site.
  • Once at the site, select the Edit Site symbol located in the Site Location column in the Project Sites tab.
  • Notice that after the Edit Site is selected, the top left will specify "Edit session active." You may now begin making changes. 


  • Once the edit session has began, place a left click on the site you are wanting to add or remove in the map. When removing a site, you will know you are successful if the pink fill in the site is no longer visible. 
  • Oppositely, to add a site, select a surrounding site, you will know it is selected when it turns pink. Also note that the newly added site information will be added to the original sites record.
  • At this time you may also drop in a custom site by selecting mceclip1.png
  • To stop the edit session and save the changes, select mceclip2.png