Release Notes 2023.02.08

Pivvot is proud to announce our latest enhancements!

Pivvot Route

Edit Route Centerline Enhancements

Pivvot has enhanced the ability to view the points of inflection along a route as well as their associated measurements. These enhancements make it easier to quickly zoom to, edit, or remove specific inflection points. Additionally, we have added a new tool, Simplify Version, which allows you to simplify routes by eliminating the number of inflection points along the route.

These changes will help aid in more precise edits of a route and make editing routes more efficient.

To learn more about these enhancements, visit the Edit Route article in the Help Center.

Pivvot Siting

Symbolize Sites by Status

Pivvot has enhanced the ability to symbolize Project Site boundaries. Along with symbolizing based on Site Rank, you’ll now have the ability to symbolize based on Site Status.

To learn more, visit the Project Sites Tab article in the Help Center.


Assign Project Type and ISO Region to Siting Project

When creating a new siting project, users now have the ability to assign a Project Type (Solar, Wind, or Battery Energy Storage System) as well as specify the ISO or ISOs where a project resides.

COMING SOON: These additions to a project’s metadata will be available in the Siting Dashboard to help you better understand the activity in your Siting portfolio.

The learn more, visit the Start a Siting Project article in the Help Center.


If you have further questions over any of these enhancements, please reach out to