Release Notes 2022.11.30

Pivvot is proud to announce our latest enhancements!

Pivvot Route

Suitability Corridor Map

When Pivvot creates a system-generated route, it is calculating the "least cost" path between two or more objectives based on the preferences configured in the PLAE. As part of that process a Suitability layer is created which provides a graphical representation of the relative "costs" (Prefer, Low Avoidance, Avoid, Exclude) configured in the PLAE. The Suitability Corridor map provides an alternative way of visualizing opportunities within the AOI. This map layer display possible corridors based on the least cost path derived from the Suitability map and the project's objectives. To learn more about the Suitability Corridor map, please visit the Suitability Corridor Map help center article.

Digitize Routes

We have added the ability for users to digitize routes inside of the Pivvot platform. For more information, please see the Routes article.

Edit Route Enhancements

We have enhanced the ability to edit routes once they are generated. For more information, please see the Edit Route Centerline article

New Pivvot Datasets 

Pivvot has added three new datasets to the Pivvot database. To learn more select on a dataset.

If you have further questions over any of these enhancements, please reach out to