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The Routes Page is used to assemble the routes that will be generated for a project.

  • Routes can either be System Generated, Digitized, or Uploaded.
    • A System Generated Route is one that is associated with a configured PLAE, and generated within the Route application.
    • An Uploaded Route is one that has been created outside of the application, then added to the project. Reports can be generated for the Uploaded Route and then compared to System Generated Routes.
    • A Digitized Route is one that has been created Digitize Route tool, as described later in this article.

Getting Started



1. New Route Select to create a New Route.
2. Route Name The name of the Route that will be created.
3. Type Select the type of Route project that will be created. 
4. Projection

Choose which projection the project will be created in.

5. Corridor Width (Feet) Select distance for the Corridor Width.
6. Elevation Interval (Feet) Select distance for the Elevation Interval.
7. Permanent Easement (Feet) Select distance for the Permanent Easement.
8. Temp Easement (Feet) Select distance for the Temp Easement.
9. Create & Save Changes

Select to Create the route, based on the above parameters.

Click to Save.

10. Layer Panel Expand to toggle on/off Project Layers and Data Layers.



1. Route Card Once created, all Routes display as cards in the panel to the left of the map view. To review what PLAE is assigned to each route, select a card to view the configuration.
2. Route Actions Each route card has options to LockDuplicate or Delete the created route.
3. Comments Select to add a descriptive comment by each route (optional).
4. Route Type Lists the type of route: Generated or Uploaded *
5. Route Status Once created, all Routes are added to the Status Bar at the bottom. The color of each card will indicate the status:
Grey (shown) indicates the new routes still need to be generated on the Deliverables Page.
Orange indicates the routes are being generated.
Green indicates that the route generation is complete.

Additional Page Information

Refer to the Co-Location page for more information.

Digitizing A Route

When creating a new route you have the option to digitize a route within Pivvot. To do so, select the Digitize New Route icon on the map.

Digitize 1

You can then click the Edit button to begin digitizing a route. 

Digitize 2

When you have completed digitizing a route, click the Save button to save the route, and the Close button to return to the Routes page.

Digitize 3

You will not be able to Digitize a Route if an Area of Interest (AOI) has not been defined. For more information about creating an AOI, pleas see the Objectives page.

Next Steps

Notes: * The route type describes the TYPE of route, not the status. If the route type is "Generated", it does not mean that the route has been generated. Route generation takes place on the Deliverables page.

Associating Objective Groups with Routes

If you have created Objective Groups for your route project, you will need to assign an Objective Group with each Route.

To assign an Objective Group:

  1. Create the Route
  2. Click Objective Group dropdown
  3. Choose Objective Group
  4. Click Save Changes

Objective 8


If Objective Groups have been enabled, you will not be able to generate a route or obtain deliverables without associating the route with an objective group.