Release Notes 2022.12.14

Pivvot is proud to announce our latest enhancements!

Pivvot Siting

Site Contact Deliverable Enhancement

We have added the ability to generate the Site Contact List deliverable based on a project site. Currently, we produce a site image and record for each unique tax map parcel within a site. This enhancement will allow you to generate an image showing the site outline containing all tax map parcels within your site. 

In the example below, the first image shows that we have selected to generate the Site Contact List using tax map parcels. The project consists of two tax map parcels, so the downloaded Site Contact List includes two image files - one for each tax map parcel. The second image shows that we have selected to generate the Site Contact List grouped by site. So the same project area consists of one site location, which is made up of two tax map parcels. So the downloaded Site Contact list only includes one image file, which includes both tax map parcels that make up the site.

Image 1: Site Contact List grouped by tax map parcel:

Site Contact List parcel

Image 2: Site Contact List grouped by site:

Site Contact List site

For more information about this new feature, please see the Deliverables and Other Functionality Help Center article.

Pivvot Aware

Self-Intersecting Features Warning

Users will now receive a warning if they attempt to submit a Pivvot Aware project with a polygon that intersects itself. The warning will give the approximate latitude and longitude of the point that the polygon is intersecting itself. This enhancement is designed to help users understand why an Aware project may be failing. 
If you have further questions over any of these enhancements, please reach out to