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What does the error "File contains more than one layer" when I upload a KML/KMZ file mean?

The file error, "File contains more than one layer" appears when you attempt to upload a KML/KMZ with more than one folder. Resolve this by saving each folder as a separate KML file.




The Pivvot platform does not support uploading KML/KMZ files which contain multiple folders. For example, in the screenshot below, Site 1, Site 2, Site 3, etc. are individual folders in the KML/KMZ file. 



Move the necessary polygon features into a new KML that contains a single folder.  Below is one of several ways you can accomplish this:

  1. Right click on Temporary Places.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Folder.
  4. Click and drag polygon features, for example 'Location 1', 'Location 2', into the new folder.
  5. Once you've moved the necessary features into the new folder; right click on the new folder and click Save places as .... to create a new KML.

For more information visit Google Earth Help.

For more on KML/KMZ uploads, go to Viewing KML/KMZ in Map