Siting Workflow

1. Start a Siting Project 

2. Identify Prospects

Add Sites Manually

  • Upload sites
  • Click to Add Site

Go Prospecting

  1. Choose Center Location (pick an option) 
    • Existing Substation
    • Transmission Line  
    • County
    • Map Point 
    • Line Sketch
    • Polygon Sketch
  2. Choose parcel type
  3. Configure Search Criteria

3. Review Search Results and Identify Project Sites 

  • Review sites in the Search Results tab
    • Use Pivvot Layers
    • Use Pivvot Search
    • Generate Parcel Report
  • Add prospective site(s) to your project

4. Review and Analyze Project Sites

  • Calculate and Review Usable Area
  • Edit Site Boundary (Increase/decrease site extents)
  • Rank Sites
  • Add Project and Site Commentary
  • Remove Sites

5. Review and Download Deliverables 

  • mceclip0.png Pivvot Data Package – ESRI File Geodatabase containing all the data and results for the project.  
  • mceclip1.png Create Contact List – Excel spreadsheet containing owner and situs information for all tax map records within your project.
  • mceclip2.png Google Earth KMZ - Contains Site Boundary, Constraint Areas, and Usable Area.
  • mceclip3.pngPivvot Online Report – Online project report detailing the environmental, geotechnical, socio-economic, and jurisdictional impacts for each site in a project.