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What is included in my Deliverables?

  • Project Data:
    • A file geodatabase containing all project routes (both System Generated and Uploaded), Mileposts, Objectives, and Exclusion Areas.
  • Reports:
    • Crossing Detail reports are generated for all routes individually. These reports show both online and offline events and their location along each route within the defined reporting corridor.
    • Crossing Summary reports provide a high-level review of all routes together and can be used to view route statics in a side-by-side comparison.  
    • The Merged Crossings report is similar to the Crossing Details report, but displays information for all routes in one workbook.
  • Project Site View: 
    • Access to a web map to visualize your project and underlying data, including but not limited to Wetlands, Potential HCAs, Habitat, and Waterbodies.