Upload User Data

Below are some things to consider when uploading user data:

  • Data must be stored in a zipped ESRI File Geodatabase or Shapefile.
  • Data size is limited to 50MB.
  • There is an upload limit of 5 sources per project. 
  • Features containing invalid geometry should be repaired or removed before upload. This includes, for example:
    • multi-part features must be exploded (separated into individual records)
    • densify true arcs
    • remove null geometry

Upload Data


  • Data is uploaded on the Project Details page.
  • Select the Upload Data icon on the Data tab and navigate to the desired zipped file.

Add Uploaded Data to the Project


  • Uploaded Data will appear on the Data tab of the Project Details page, where it must be further configured to integrate with the routing algorithm.
  • User Data cannot be configured until the upload has finished.
  • When complete, the Upload Process Icon will change from Running to Complete:  


Next Steps

  • User Data needs to be configured to integrate with the application for routing and reporting. Continue to Configure User Data for additional details.