Understanding the Route Workflow

This page contains a high-level overview of the steps required to create a New Project, from start to finish.

There are action items that must be configured on each page listed under the project configuration dropdown menu, starting with Project Details.


1. New Project Select to create a New Project
2. Project Configuration The Project Configuration dropdown menu will display the pages available for setting up the new project. The title on the Project Configuration dropdown will change depending on the active page.
3. Project Details A basic overview of the project and initial parameters used for project set-up.
4. Objectives  Project specific Start and End points, along with any intermediate points. Objectives will be used to determine the project AOI.
5. PLAE  The settings that drive the routing process.
6. Exclusion Areas  Allows the user to specify geographic areas to exclude when generating routes. (Optional)
7. Routes  The final parameters that configure the routes to be generated.
8. Deliverables Where Routes and Reports are generated, a Site View can be created, and Project Data can be downloaded.

Getting Started

  • Create a New Project by following the steps outlined in Project Details
  • Continue to configure each page of the Project Configuration dropdown, in order:


  • Red dots indicate that a page has not yet been configured. By working down the Project Configuration list, the red dots will disappear.
  • A page that is grey is inaccessible because it is dependent on the settings of the previous page. These items will be "unlocked" once the settings on the previous page have been configured and saved.