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Exclusion Areas

The Exclusion Areas page allows a user to identify specific geographic areas within the project AOI that must be avoided by the routing tool.

  • Exclusion Areas are not required.
  • There is no limit to the number of Exclusion Areas that can be added to a project.
  • The work completed on this page can always be reconfigured - Exclusion Areas can be edited, deleted, or added at a later time.

Adding Exclusion Areas


There are two ways to add Exclusion Areas: Upload or Draw. All Exclusion Areas, either uploaded or drawn, will display as cards in the panel to the left of the map.

1. Draw Exclusion Areas Selecting the Draw icon will change the mouse cursor to a crosshair. Click on the map to draw a polygon around the desired exclusion area. Repeat this process to draw additional areas, if desired.
2. Upload Exclusion Areas Select the Upload icon to navigate to the desired file. Polygons must be stored in a KML/KMZ or a zipped Shapefile.
3. Layer Panel Expand to toggle on/off Project Layers and Data Layers.
4. Exclusion Area Actions Each card has the option to Edit NameZoom To, or Delete. *
5. Save Changes When Exclusion Areas are set, select Save Changes.

Next Steps

  • The next step is to configure the Routes page. 


* Once placed, the location of an Exclusion Area cannot be edited. To move an Exclusion Area, it must be deleted and uploaded, or re-drawn in a new location