Basic Workflow: Route Reporting Only Project

Follow these guidelines to produce crossing and impact reports for routes created externally, all without requiring a comprehensive Route project setup.

For reporting projects, you can generate crossing and impact reports for routes that are created outside of the Pivvot platform. Unlike a Route project, you don't have to go through all the steps involved. If you want to learn more about Route projects, you can refer to Understanding the Route Workflow

In reporting projects, there is no need to configure the PLAE since it is specifically used for creating routes automatically by the system.

Create Reporting Route Project 

  1. Go to the Project Details page
  2. Click the plus button to create a new Route project.blobid1.png 
  3. Enter a project name 
  4. Select “Reporting” from the Type dropdown 
  5. Configure
    1. Projection
    2. Corridor Width
    3. Elevation Interval
    4. Ignore Easement settings
  6. Click Create (top right) 

Create Objectives and Define the Area of Interest (AOI)

To create a Route reporting project, you first have to define an area of interest (AOI). This allows Pivvot Route to utilize relevant data that pertains to the AOI in order to generate suitable routes. The project AOI is defined using objectives, representing the overall scope of the project. All routes must be contained within this AOI to ensure proper functionality.

To create an AOI, upload a KMZ/KML(or zipped SHP file)  route.

Create Route Reporting Project

1. On the Objectives page, click on the upload route icon

2. Browse to a KML/KMZ (or zipped SHP file)  NoteThe KML/KMZ must only contain lines. A route will be created for each line segment.   blobid4.png

3. Verify the uploaded routes are contained within AOI 

Note: The smaller the AOI, the faster the data processes.

4. Modify AOI if necessary (click here to learn more about modifying the AOI) 

5. Click Save Changes  

6. Click Archive and wait for Archive to complete.blobid5.png

Note: Expand the Status flyout located at the bottom of the left sidebar for status updates


Generate Reports for Uploaded Routes 

In this section you will choose the routes for which you would like to generate reports.


  1. Go to Deliverables page (click here to learn more about the Deliverables)
  2. Select the checkbox next to the routes to generate the crossing and impact reportsblobid7.png
  3. Click Generate 

Note: Expand the Status flyout located at the bottom of the left sidebar 


Review Crossing and Impact Reports 

  1. Go to Reports page 


2. Download Excel files of these reports by clicking on the download icon