Route Overview

The Route main page is used to access existing projects, view project details, or start a new project.

1. Account Name The Active Account.
2. Project Mileage Shows subscription miles used out of the total available miles for the Active Account. 
3. New Project Select to create a new project.
4. Search Type to search for existing projects.
5. Project List

Shows any created projects that are associated with the Active Account.*

6. Choose Project Select to display a dropdown menu to help navigate between projects.
7. Zoom To Extent For any project configuration page that displays a map, select to Zoom To Extent.
8. Archive Store Select to access the Archive Store where all archived projects in an account are located.
9. User Profile Identifies the Active Account is and where a user can sign out of the application. 
10. Help Center and            Data Dictionary Provides access to the Pivvot Data Dictionary and Pivvot Help Center
11. Pivvot Navigation Provides access to Publish, Map, Route, Siting and Report.

*Projects in Route will be archived if no change has occurred to Project Settings, Objectives, PLAE, Exclusion Areas or Routes within one calendar year. 


To learn more visit the Archiving and Restoring a Project article.

Getting Started