Site Sketch

Pivvot is proud to announce the newest addition to the Siting application, Site Sketch.

Site Sketch allows users to upload and draw features within a project site. This feature is designed for early stage site layouts and more refined control defining usable/constrained area. It also provides an opportunity to incorporate 2nd/3rd party information into your site layout (survey, site visit, solar layout).

After selecting the site you want to add a Site Sketch to, expand the Site Sketch pane on the left-side bar.


Upload a KMZ/KML or choose a geometry to draw into your project site. With Site Sketch, you can engage stakeholders earlier in the lifecycle to collaborate on the site layout as well as integrate third-party data (such as survey data) in a single location.


Improved Contact List

Pivvot's updated contact list now includes parcel screen shots and a mail-merge friendly format. You no longer have to utilize Google Earth to take screenshots. Save time preparing mailers by exporting your contacts with links to the parcel imagery in one click.



If you have any questions about these new updates, please reach out to