Release Notes 2021.09.16

Project Folders Now Available In Siting

Currently, users of Siting have limited capabilities to organize projects. With this new update you can create folders and subfolders. Existing projects can be dragged and dropped into newly created folders. This update will allow you to keep projects more organized and find projects with ease.

Create Project Comments within the Siting Console

With the addition of the Project Comments panel, you and your team will be better able to collaborate on a Siting project. When expanded, you can enter comments that all other users on the project will be able to see. Each comment will be day and date stamped.

Adding Additional Parcels to a Project

Currently to add an individual site to a project it requires multiple steps. Now, with the “Add Site” tool, users can simply click on sites in the map to add these sites to an existing project.


If you have any questions about these new updates, please reach out to