Release Notes 2021.06.02

We have added a Hydric Soils layer to the Pivvot library. This layer will be available as a map layer and in Pivvot Reporting. The intent is to provide earlier and faster insight around the potential construction and engineering risks in your project area.

Below is a excerpt from our Data Dictionary:

Hydric soil is a soil that formed under conditions of saturation, flooding or ponding long enough during the growing season to develop anaerobic conditions in the upper part. Identifying hydric soils provides a supplement to the existing National Wetland Survey Wetlands datasets. Saturated or regularly flooded soils have high water content and potential high organic matter content making them difficult to construct permanent facilities or assets within. Hydric soils can be used to screen unsuitable terrain for building solar farms, wind turbines, road construction or even the placement of a electric transmission towers or gas/oil pipelines.


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