Release Notes 2021.04.23

The focus of this release and the next release is on backend development, however there are a few items that you'll see.

  • Updated the Smart Parcel and Tax Map Parcel layer names. Remember to toggle on the appropriate layer based on the Parcel type option you choose in the Siting Criteria.


  • Changed the Upload Sites icon to blobid1.png
  • Added the Upload Sites feature to the "To get started" panelblobid2.png
  • Ability to add Custom Constraints - If there is a feature on the ground that is not represented in the Pivvot data, you can hand draw the feature. This feature will then be excluded from the Usable Area.

    1. Click the pencil icon to start the session.

    2. Click the polygon icon to activate the drawing tool > Draw the feature on the map

    3. Click the arrow icon to adjust the shape of the feature

    4. Click the Save button.



If you have any further questions about these new updates, please reach out to