Release Notes 2021.03.25


Google Places and Lat/Long search are now available in Siting.

Ability to Upload Sites. A couple of things to note...

    • Supported formats: KML/KMZ
    • The upload sites feature is available in the Project Sites section of the records panel.


  • Since an uploaded site can take any shape or size or span one, multiple, or parts of a tax map boundary Parcel Reports are not supported. The Parcel Report icon will be grayed out.
  • We have a small bug that will get addressed in our next release in two weeks.
  • Issue - Occurs only on new projects. Constraint Panel displays "To get started" information after sites have been added.
  • Temporary Workaround - After you have uploaded your sites > click the Map Point feature in the "To get started" section of the Siting Criteria panel >> click anywhere on the Map >> Constraint panel will become available.



If you have any further questions about these new updates, please reach out to