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Configure Objective Groups (Optional)

Objective Groups provide a means of associating specific objectives with a Route.

Once you create an Objective Group you are committed to only using Objective Groups for all Route scenarios. If you want to use the classic objective workflow, you’ll need to remove all Objective Groups.

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Configuring Objective Groups

To configure objective groups, complete the following steps:

  1. Set up your project objectives, as described in our Objectives Help Center article
    Objective 1
  2. Click on Objective Groups tab.
    Objective 2
  3. The first time you select Objective Groups in a project a warning message will appear. Choosing to use Objective Groups cannot be undone.
    Objective 3
  4.  Click the Rich 1 to create an Objective Group. This will create an Objective Group card on the left side panel. Hover over the panel to expose the following features :
    1. Rich 2 - Rename Objective Group
    2. Rich 3 - Remove Objective Group
    3. Rich 4 - Assign objectives to Objective Group
  5. Hover over the Objective Group card and click the Settings icon Rich 5 to assign Objectives to the Group.
  6. Move Objectives from the Project Objectives section to the Objective Groups Objective section (left to right).  Remember to arrange the objectives in the correct order. The first objective in the list is the start objective and the last objective is the end objective. 
  7. Click OK
  8. Click the New Objective Group icon Objective 4 to create a new Objective Group.
  9. Click the Edit Name icon to change the Objective Group Name
    Objective 5
  10. Click the Add/Remove Objectives Icon to choose the objectives associated with this Objective Group
    Objective 6
  11. Use the arrow icons or the Objective Card Handle to select the objectives you want associated with this Objective Group
    Objective 7
  12. Repeat this process to create all the Objective Groups needed for the project.